3 Examples of Core Values YOU CAN'T IGNORE

Creating clear and inspiring core values can go a long way to building a lasting company culture. But how do you make them memorable? Here are 3 examples of innovative companies with beautifully designed values that you can't ignore.


When your company grows 300 percent in one year, how do you keep the culture from splitting at the seams? Start by making sure everyone is on the same page about what's important. These values were created at a pivotal point in Lyft’s growth to align teams and keep the culture intact. Did it work? Lyft is currently growing faster than Uber, while Uber continues to struggle with its own culture problems.



It’s hard to believe one company could be responsible for giving us the computer mouse, design thinking, and grippy toothbrushes. A look at Ideo’s core values gives us some insight on how they build their innovative culture.


Do your core values include anything about cupcakes? Dropbox has a whole value dedicated to a single, happy cupcake. In the words of Dropbox CEO Drew Houston,

“We believe that just because you're in a corporate environment doesn't mean you should be sentenced to having a corporate experience. We think work should be fun and human and you should have great relationships and we try to imbue our tools with that sense,"  

The cupcake is a reminder that work can and should be fun. The first day at a new job is a critical moment in the employee experience. New employees at Dropbox receive a box of cupcakes on their first day to reinforce this value.

Sounds like a pretty sweet first day. Eh? Eh?


Your core values should be unique to you, but as you can tell they don't have to be boring. Start by bringing copywriters and graphic designers into your values project. A design-centric approach will ensure your core values transcend the office walls, align cultures, and inspire employees.