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Getting the Band Together: 3 Keys for Building a Successful Startup Team

If a fine tuned company is like an orchestra with niche roles and well defined qualities, then a new business is like you and a friend playing Guitar Hero for the first time 8 years ago. It’s complete chaos, not knowing what to do when, or for how long. In that regard, scratch the Guitar Hero, it might even be closer to  a bunch of kids banging on the drums in a garage somewhere.  So how can you start learning how to bring your business together?...

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Company Culture in a Small Team

Bourbon Fat recently visited Knit Marketing in their Los Angeles office to look at their unique culture and guide the team through a modified version of our Employee Experience Happy Hour. The time with Knit gave us a better understanding of how culture grows in young companies. As for what Knit took away, we'll let the founder share her own experience here.

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3 Beautiful Examples of the Modern Employee Handbook

The first day at a new job is a defining moment in the employee experience. Here are 3 companies who get the importance of a first impression. These beautifully designed onboarding guides not only communicate the culture of the company through inspiring and simple messaging, but also send strong subliminal signals about the importance of the employee. When a company takes great care in crafting and printing handbooks like these, it’s hard not to get inspired.

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