We approach our work with a unique process informed by our experience as designers and consultants.

A business strategy is only as good as the employee's ability and willingness to carry it out. We start by meeting people where they work, listening to their challenges, and discovering the truth of what's working and what's not. The result is a powerful and raw set of stories that will inform your business strategy in ways you didn't realize were possible. With a true understanding of your employee experience, you can make the right changes to boost productivity and fuel transformation.


With a proper understanding of how your employees feel and behave, we can help you begin the work of improving your employee experience. Whether you want to implement a new system, change a policy, or transform the skills of an entire company, we can help guide your teams through the process of human-centered design. We'll work side-by-side with your teams to maintain a focus on the employee experience through ethnographic research, prototyping, testing, and iteration.  This process will ensure you move quickly, spend wisely, and deliver something that makes a difference.